Tilburg University CERT

Computer Emergency Response Team


Tilburg University CERT is a Computer Emergency Response Team at Tilburg University.

CERT teams handle ICT security issues. Whenever Tilburg University is involved in a hacking incident (as a target or as a suspect) Tilburg University CERT tries to solve the problem. Tilburg University CERT also prevents security problems, for example by auditing the security of websites.

Security incidents

The Tilburg University CERT team takes action when a security incident is detected on the Tilburg University network.

If you identify a security incident or if you have any questions/suggestions about the security management, please send an e-mail to: cert@uvt.nl. If you want to send us confidential information, you might want to encrypt the data with our CERT PGP Key. For more infomation, see About us.


Alert Online 2017 - Clean up your attick

29 sept 2017

Throwing away old data carriers can be a risky business. Deleted files are not always removed properly from such devices and can be easily recovered in such cases. Formatting a harddisk doesn't bring protection, files can still be recovered but it takes more effort.

The Alert Online weeks try to raise more awareness and promotion of a more secure way of working. LIS (Tilburg University CERT) is using this years Alert Online weeks to organise a day in which our employees and students can bring in their old data carriers (e.g. harddisks, USB sticks, memory cards) to us and we'll take care of proper destruction.

Wednesday october 4th 2017 between 12:00 and 14:00 you can deliver your data carriers to us in the G-building.

Everything collected by us will be brought to the company Solid Circle and everything will be destroyed properly.

Please only bring the data carrier itself and not the entire computer, we do not collect those. We reserve the right to refuse offered materials if they do not fit the purpose of this action.

Eerste landelijke cybercrisisoefening voor Nederlands onderwijs en onderzoek

6 oktober 2016

Op 4 en 5 oktober 2016 heeft SURFnet de eerste landelijke cybercrisisoefening georganiseerd binnen het Nederlandse onderwijs en onderzoek. Tijdens de oefening is gesimuleerd dat een aantal hackers vitale systemen, zoals studentinformatiesystemen, waren binnengedrongen. In totaal hebben 27 instellingen meegedaan. Het doel van de crisisoefening is om de weerbaarheid van instellingen te vergroten tijdens een cybercrisissituatie.
Tilburg University heeft voor level zilver meegedaan.

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Update 28 november 2016
Impressie film van de oefening.